Monday, 12 March 2007

My day out

As I may have mentioned in my earlier posts I got tickets to the England V France match.

So I head off to Twickenham looking forward to a good day out. I didn't expect England to win, but then again not many people did. I thought if we changed things we could compete as discussed in my match preview.

I had managed to get hospitality tickets and met up with the people I was going at a hotel in Richmond for lunch. Turns out the tickets were through the French Union when we turned up discovered everything was in French. I mean everything menu, speeches, 90% of the people, and even the waitresses were French. Nevermind it was a different atmosphere than I was use to and the French were very friendly. Had a few Guinness, bagged my programme and a free gift. Every one was told to head for the coaches and half an hour later we realised every else had left the room and decided to get a translation. Out side everyone crowded around the hotel next door??? Yes the French team was heading for their coach. Chabel is entering scene left.

We jumped on our coach and followed them to the stadium. Cool. More drinks and found our seats. This was our view.

Soon realised as the French fans passed around the songs sheet to the French national Anthem we were seating in the French section of the crowd. It's going to be different I thought. Then there was this noise behind me!!!!

Just before the kick I got a picture message from my wife of my 2 and a half month old daughter in her England ticket. "COME ON ENGLAND" was the title.

The games kicked off and we had a great time chatting with the French crowd. However, one English woman complained about the band!!! (obviously not a proper fan) I don't know why it created a great atmosphere. The stewards asked them to stop play and they did. However, all the English fan then complained to the steward about the music had stopping and that was all enjoying it. They reached a comprise in the end and moved the woman to another part of the stadium. The English and French fans encouraged the band to start back up and sang along. This is way I love rugby you would never get this at football.

The result went our way and I felt sorry for the French fans as they left. They all come a long way with high expectations and had created a great atmosphere and a great day out.

Few more drinks and headed home.

Met up with my friend who been in the players lounge and had got autographs from Mike Catt, Austin Healy and Danny Grewcock. Tried to get Harry Potter(Harry Ellis), but he had disappeared, typical. Great day going to Cardiff on Saturday, can't wait.

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