Tuesday, 6 March 2007

England's line up

Just read the starting 15 for England. Definitely putting in a faster pack which will allow us to compete for the ball as discussed in my previous post. At the same time keeps a bit of experience in the squad. This is good, however they won't have long to prepare and get an understanding running between them. Flood is a fast attacking player and may surprise the French, however he is inexperienced at this level and will find it hard going if the boys don't secure decent ball. With Catt providing experience at Flood's side like he did for Jonny in the world cup. Catt is unlikey to last the full game so expect to see Matthew tait at some point.

Overall a better selection, Wilkinson and Vickery weren't match fit anyway and it showed late on in the Ireland game. Moving Corry to second row is interesting, he is a very experienced player and leader in the side, and having him on the pitch is a bonus to the English team. At number 8 seemed a bit slow for this level, but at second row he could still bring a huge impact to the game if he can adapt.

Still expect France to win. For England a lot depends on how quickly they can adpat to the new squad and style of play it will bring. Competing for the ball in the forwards is key if we want to get momentum and bring in the pace Robinson, Lewsy and Strettle to open up the French side.

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